Dr. James M. Ellis

We are honored to have our newest addition, Doctor Dr. James Ellis to join our fast-growing network of doctors and others in the medical field. Dr. Ellis is an simple an esteemed addition.

Dr. Ellis has been practicing for an amazing 39 years. During this duration, he has cared for countless patients. His education is an impressive array of both Universities and certifications. As one can see below, he has never stopped learning and stays on top of the newest techniques in his field. His education includes Purdue University 1963-1967 B.S. Science, Research Assistant Radiation Immunology, Oak Ridge National Laboratory 1967-1971. Recently he has also studied: Advanced Laser Periodontal Therapy 2004, Advanced Laser Endodontic Therapy, Implant Certification, Branemark System, Implant Certification and Mini Implants. In order to keep up with all the advanced techniques in dentistry he reads the “FDA Journal.” He’s also been teaching for for 16 years, focusing on laser dentistry. Finally, for the past 16 years he’s been teaching laser dentistry.

His hobbies are as diverse as his practice: golfing, skiing, fishing and simply staying fit. His energy and enthusiasm make his patents feel at ease and he treats every patient as an individual with specific needs. His success and talents exceed over even the most talented of doctors. Without a doubt, Dr. Ellis is an esteemed Doctor of Excellence and we are delighted to have him included in our registry.